Want to upload your site and games to the internet?
Don't put up with terrible free hosting like Geocities. They don't even allow direct links, often they limit bandwidth, and they are slow anyway.

Most people have several megabytes of free webspace - unlimited bandwidth, fast, free, no limitations except space. In fact its your ISP (Internet Service Provider) who can give you all this for free!

My site, www.tigerworks.co.uk, is hosted on my ISP's webspace. I get 30MB of free space. As you will notice it is very rarely down, is always fast and prompt, and hosts files and images without any problems.

Check out what your ISP gives you. Normally your homepage by default will be your ISP's site. By visiting their site you can find out what they give you.

Most ISPs (if they have decent hosting) will require an FTP client to upload your files. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. An FTP client like WSFTP (http://www.ftpplanet.com/download.htm and get the free Lite Edition) sends to your ISP any files you want uploaded (HTML, JPG, ZIP...) and they will then appear on your site. It's very simple once you get the hang of it. You just enter the address of your ISP's FTP server (see below) and your username and password (your ISP will have told you these or you will have chosen them), then you can connect and start uploading!

Two important points:
1. Remember to look round your ISP's site. They will usually have their own services, help, extra information and so on.
2. Your main page should be called one of the following (first most common): index.html, index.htm, default.html, default.htm. Then when you type in the address normally (without a specific file) it should load up one of those files, if found. This changes per ISP, which is why several are listed. Visit your ISP to find out which is your main page if you can't get it to work.

I looked around some popular ISP's sites and here are the essential details to get you on your way to uploading your website:

Blueyonder (www.blueyonder.co.uk)

Space: 30MB (upgradable to 100MB)
FTP server: ftp.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk
Web address to visit site: www.aliaschosen.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk

Username: Same as 'aliaschosen' (your Self Care name)
Password: Self Care password
Visit: http://help.blueyonder.co.uk/html/web/

NTL (www.ntlworld.co.uk)

Space: 55MB
FTP server: upload.ntlworld.com
Web address to visit site: homepage.ntlworld.com/user.name
Username: Your username
Password: Your password
Visit: http://www.ntlworld.com/data-feeds/editorial/microsites/webspace/

AOL (www.aol.com)

Space: 2MB (not many games then )
FTP server: Either use the tools on the site or use AOL Keyword FTP to find out
Web address to visit site: (AOL keyword FTP to find out)
Visit: http://hometown.aol.com/

BT openworld (www.btopenworld.com)

Space: 10MB Pay-as-you-go, 50MB Anytime
FTP server: ftp.btinternet.com
Host type (if needed): UNIX (standard)
Address to visit your page: http://www.smith.family.btinternet.co.uk
Username: youremailname(in lower case)
Password: e-mailbox password.
Visit: http://www.btopenworld.com/create/webpage

Freeserve (www.freeserve.com)

Space: 30MB (15MB with original service)
FTP server: sitebuilder.freeserve.com (current service)
uploads.webspace.freeserve.net (original service)
Web address to visit site: http://mysite.freeserve.com/sitename (current service)
http://www.yourname.freeserve.co.uk (original service)
Username: Your username
Password: Your password
Visit: http://www.freeserve.com/help/webspace/default.htm?linkfrom=Help&link=channelmenu

Demon internet (www.demon.net)

Space: 20MB
FTP server: homepages.demon.co.uk
Web address to visit site: http://www.sample.demon.co.uk/

Username: Your username
Password: Your password
Visit: http://www.demon.net/helpdesk/products/homepages/index.shtml

As far as I know none of these services have any kind of bandwidth limit, or show any kind of ads at all. So make sure you use any space you are given!