This is a much easier way of creating a 3D starfield effect than the other way that was just posted. This example is for a 640*480 window. Adjust the numbers as necessary to accomodate to your window size.

First create your star graphic. Set the animation speed to like 8 or 10. 5 frames should be good. (zooming in) Set it to ball movement with an initial speed of 0. Now do the following events:

Create "star object" at -100,-100 // I create the stars outside the play area to keep things clean while the positioning is going on

Set X position "star object" to random (640)

Set Y Position "star object" to random (480)

Look in direction of "320,240" // this is half of 640*480, meaning the center of the window

Set direction "star object" to current direction +16

Set speed "star object" to current speed +1

"star object" leaves playarea:


And there you go. If you're too lazy to do that, download the demo I made: