a year ago, i totally quit game development, i didn't had motivation to make games again. but when i was watching YouTube a year later. A Video series called "The Game Making Journey" By 2kliksphilip, really inspired me to make my own game. and i started learning ctf2.5 once again. when i compiled a demo version of the game to exe. I've noticed a lot of bugs. I've tried to fix them but everything went downhill, blackscreens, collision bugs, layering bugs and movement bugs. with my little knowledge of Clickteam Fusions 2.5. and i continued the game development creating new rooms, sprites and mechanics like the broken glass or the key, and the vent. i wanted to animate the player going through the vent, but with my little knowledge of ctf2.5 i left it alone. and the game was made! i first uploaded it to GameJolt. but while rewatching "The Game Making Journey" series. and after seeing The Daily Click in episode 4, i had to Google the site and it was actually still running. i made my account and the next day uploaded the game. I'm slowly but surely learning ctf2.5 now, and i hope Death Deliverancy 2 will be better. In the meantime, this is where i get off.