The Daily Click's focus is on Click games which people can play for free. However, some accommodations are made for those who only have commercial releases of their games. This article summarises The Daily Click's longstanding policy on what is and is not acceptable.

What can be submitted as downloads at TDC?
Games submitted as a download have to be playable for free. This includes:
* Freeware games
* Meaningful demos of commercial games where you can play the first levels
* Games released on a site such as with a 'pay what you like' model where people can pay $0 if they want

What about commercial games which can't be submitted as downloads?
Commercial games can still be promoted through various means. You could:
* Create a thread about the game in the forum.
* Create a project for the game to share your development journey.
* Create an article which tells people about the lessons you learned while making the game which includes a link to buy the game.
* Let an active administrator know about the release and provide some text or a quote about the launch in the news page.