Clickteam is still working on upgrading MMF exporters. Like we all know SWF is working and it’s power is increasing by 3rd party extensions as well as those made by Clickteam – Facebook object coming in 1st quarter of this year! iOS and Python exporters are under heavy betatests and some information about them can be posted out… or if you skipped it they are already available:

CT currently is not working only over iOS runtime. Python is developed by Mathias (and it’s progressing quite well, some surprised are coming with it), and Jamie was working over HTML5 (no release date for this one) which was looking much more professional and ready then Construct 2 presentation. All of them where presented on last year’s Click Convention… But behind the scenes Clickteam is working and planning to work also over other stuff, what is it?

Android, which was talked about at CC09, visible at CC10 (in runtime option list) but like Francois was declaring in September it’s still stuck because “No date. For now I’m stuck (I can not compile applications outside the editor). We must do research to try to get there.” unfortunately, Game Maker already has got games released on iOS and Android… So are we behind?

Like Yves stated in November of last year “too much work to complete the runtimes iPhone, Android and other yet. But XNA and Silverlight runtimes are on our list of things to do, at least initially XNA and Windows 7 Phone supports both, so ...”
Also Clickteam is not forgetting about Mac runtime. But like we know progress means costs, and costs means money… So how it looks price wise?

First of all we have to remember that all current made exporters are designed for developers who are willing to sell their games – so it means that we will have to pay for them. The prices are still not precise but you should be aware that cost of development of those runtimes especially iOS one are significantly higher than a Flash one.

So what prices we are talking about? Not everyone have got a Mac, and not everyone would will to buy one so price of it will be mathematically higher. The purpose of iOS runtime is to sell apps on App Store so we have to look on it as an investment. Graphical engine is optimized like in case with Python on OpenGL instead of DirectX… So price is estimated by Clickteam member to be probably over 150 Euros.

And the progress it quite significant currently Clickteam states that: “Development level we are at the final stage of testing, the latest bug fixes and final touches before the ultimate test of submission of real games on the Apple store that will soon take place (there are half a dozen games in Pipeline). The runtime will be published after this step, if it goes well. Give more info at this time. (..) For it should be due for another month I hope (but often crashes with dates). (…) To put an application on an iPhone / iPod without going through the Apple Store you must register the application and add the IDs of the iPhone / iPod to the list of test machines for the application to run on it so it ' is a little painful. It's not like Android where it is enough to send one. Apk that can be installed on any machine.”

But how it looks on the background of competition?

Game Maker currently exports to Exe, their own web format, have got it's own native Mac version, also Android, iOS and PSP/PS3 exporters are working fine and presentations and games are made and available.

Construct 2 now supports HTML5 only.

Stencyl compiles to Flash as well as plans iOS.

Unity have got Mac, Windows, Android, iOS runtimes as well as Wii and in near future Xbox and PS3.

UDK allows Windows and iOS.

So what is your opinion, is there any kind of leader? Would it reshelf in couple of months? I still trust in Clickteam and hope to see some surprised in next couple of months from them.