10. Dinner break

Like we promised at the Convention dinner we have chosen typically Polish cuisine which was Peasant's Food (Chłopskie Jadło in Polish). For our luck it was placed very close to our convention place and we entered it just before the rain! At place we sit to the table for 8 people and looked for the proper food in menu. I noticed that our guests are a bit overwhelmed with the choose of Polish food and I proposed that I will choose it partially for them and they agree. I've helped to choose Polish traditional soups and proposed them the Oscypek (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oscypek ) and Bigos (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bigos ). They agree altogether that it was very, very good and they are full so we had to share with our diner. Of course during this whole time we were discussing about presentations mostly Flash Runtime. So we get know some more things about it and how it works, and we hoped that people would like it and throw for it so everyone could make their games in Flash and get some money out of them.

What the traditional peasant look of restaurant and some folklore music done with Popcorn...

11. Francois & Fanotherpg – Questions and Answers session

At the end we left our Question and Answers session because we didn't want to leave the people at the streaming too long and we also had to use toilet and eat something. And I was really grateful for all the questions which was send for it! It was only week to give the question but despite of this fact we've got about 10 minutes videos for each source of the questions! So for Clickteam Forums questions, answers will appear in October Issue of Klikdisc, from The Daily Click in the 15th Klikcast and from Polish Click Community on You Tube, somewhere in August-September.

How Francois understands Fanotherpg? Hmm... Truth is somewhere out there...

I just can say that it was pretty cool to see about 40 people on the chat, and their additional questions (they aren't recorded) so thanks to it we spend a lot of time in good mood. And what is more important we get known so many things about so many queries that we have got for several months. Because soon 2/3 of the material will be released as video I won't say what the answers were but I would like to thanks Random that he decided to give his own questions in real!

Aha! He could read all the questions on the screen, we've got you Fano!

Chapter Five: After the convention... - Since 26th of July 2009 until today

At the hotel we were chatting and playing some games. We thought about some competitions but attenders wasn't interested in it (maybe because no Clickteam software was as a prize?). So we checked the net, like we always did and talked a while.

In the evening thanks to the family atmosphere we could just sit and present our other projects. So Popcorn decided to show his effects engines made in MMF with use only of Active objects! Some of them are available for publish like Effects demo (http://www.clickteam.com/epicenter/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=84473 ) or 3D Tentacle (http://www.clickteam.com/epicenter/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=70639 ) also there is a DNA example but not from him, but some were exclusives. For example he made an active object wave all the time just by making his copies and using mathematics! His fu.....ntastic genious!

Random decided to show his school projects (both made in 3D) which were pretty cool to see. And very playable and addictive, so better watch out! But thankfully they were programmed not clicked, so don't worry so much Also earlier he shown few games down on V-Cade which is still nice place to stay and play several Vitalized titles. From what I remember it was Diamond Dan, which Don Sotto liked the most.

At the end draq and Mr. Knife decided to show their video and 3D projects. Unfortunately almost all of them are lost due to the accident with the back pack so they could show only one game made for the competition, and some footage from their upcoming game. There were several videos, many photographs and even 3D model rendered and lighted in MMF (it will be available in Game Developers Convention footage which started just after the CC09). And if we where skeletons or have denture some parts of our mouth would surely fell of!

Also in the evening new Polish clicker Max joined us with his sister and we talked a bit, so it was great to see that even at the end of Convention it's having some interest.

Chapter Six: Some final thoughts and comments from participants

After such time I can write some thoughts about it with no emotions. From one side I'm very proud of us that we organise Click Convention, what's more I could met Francois Lionet, see him, talk to him and even touch him! You know his our father, for some maybe he is first after God, but in real his awesome and ever happy guy – this is why we should make our dreams true, maybe it's hard to live out from them but we are happy!

Also I could met (at last) Popcorn and Random, who also are honest people and even despite of totally different opinions and views we never quarrel but discuss on very high level of toleration and culture! What is more we could exchange our experiences, try to learn others languages and so on.

What I can say more... I'm really happy that you liked idea of live streaming! That almost 200 people were watching us in total, and that you've helped so lot with the promotion of the Convention and keep people informed. So hope to see you next year!

Unfortunately the Con have got some flaws. Mostly organisation ones, like problems with picking up people or being late for the conventions, some problems with hardware and light. But in total I think that everyone had some good time so here are some comments from our international guests, placed originally at Clickteam Forums:


I just came back home and it was a great weekend! Warsaw was an awesome city!
A little sad there was so few attenders, but all who were there seemed to have a really good time
It was nice to could be together with all the attenders all the time. It felt like a real 'click team'

Thanks to pikor for organization and Fano for helping everyone out, and I am looking forward for the next convention allready!


Back home I must say this was surely the most memorable convention!

Everything, and I mean everything was taken care of and for once I didn't have to mortgage just to pay the hotel
Popcorn told me he paid around 80EUR for his flight, so if you book early enough, I'm sure you could make the entire convention for under 200EUR.
Warsaw is a beautiful city and I liked our trips around it. The restaurants provided excellent food (for under 15EUR for the entire meal!). Actually everything was cheap. My advice for anyone who's going to a future Warsaw convention: come a day earlier and don't bring any spare clothes. Get them there!

The hotel was very nice. We used it like a hostel though (3 persons per room). It certainly was not 1 star. We got breakfast, there were showers in the rooms and everything was clean.

It was a very personal convention - we had a lot of time to talk and hang out with the other conventioneers and our hosts and of course Francois. There just could have been a few more attendants - and money is really no excuse here. Oh and, there should have been another break in the first part of the presentations. I noticed people's attention drop after a while and had to go to the bathroom myself.

Fano and pikor really did a great job with this convention and I hope next time more people attend.


Yes it was a small but nice convention. We did a lot of tourism in Warsaw on the Saturday, and it is a really nice city. And cheap : we had a complete dinner at 2PM for 3 euros (main dish plus Sprite)!!! And it was good.
The convention itself went very well, and it is really good that it was broadcated on the Internet. We got a lot of people watching us. The question/answer part was fun and informative.

Thank you very much Pikor and Fano for organising this, and taking such good care of us!

Fanotherpg: Ou and for the end I would like say, all pleasure is ours and if you're still awaiting for the videos check trailer on the boards: http://www.create-games.com/forum_post.asp?id=259072

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