3. Fanotherpg & Dr. Nitrous – Japanese Click Games

I presented Japanese arcade platformer Tekkyuuman for a while (remember one thing DON”T PLAY IT, because you will ADDICT from it!) and played the only Digital Presentation which I received from Japanese Clicker – Dr. Nitrous. Unfortunately because very quiet audio I had to resay after Dr. Nitrous things about his games. I didn't do it very well and I wasn't prepared for it... So I get very nervous. But for my luck he left some English and Japanese subtitles so everyone who saw screens, saw also them. But I will connect that videos and except the HD ones you will receive original mix with only authors audio comment. So the first game was The Adventure of Brinomia which was saying a story of muscled Chick Chuck the Brinomia which landed unexpectedly on mysterious Island. In this side-scrolling action platformer we could only jump and attack with spinning kick. On our way we will visit very strange places, face different opponents and traps and have to pass several bosses.

The second one was Driver's ED. We would learn in hit how to ride in the Japan thanks to several teachers. To make it we've got 7 stages and freeride which is bonus. Of course each mentor have got different way of riding and thanks to few different types of car we fill that difference! There are some Easter eggs like Shelt Petrol Station and similar.

At the end he presented several other titles like Putter Golf which is simple golf game with different characters and obstacles. Perssimon is very Japanese styled game (from the GFX and concept) – we are worker and have to collect good fruits where bad ones and birds must be destroyed. And last one Claw Vending Machine which is game about throwing cartoon characters into a box.

4. Don Sotto – Shipyard

Shipyard was Don Sotto's secret project made specially for this Click Convention! One more time he made game SPECIALLY for the convention! And what to say it's pretty awesome. It's two player turn based tactical strategy game where all battles are fought on the seas. So we are commanders and we decide what ships we want (from sloops to Line ships), how many sailors we will have on the board and how many cannons would be there, and it's settable for each ship! So everything depends from our funds which we will receive not only for winning battle but also for losing it, fleeing from battle field and for agreement and stopping the fight.

What is more we have some true battlefields like also engine to generate new maps with different weather conditions I just hope that in future there will be added option to battle in true historic battles like that one under Trafalgar. But Don presented us also some tactics and manoeuvres so everyone know about game the same things like him!

Don presenting his new game Shipyard

Also he decided to play an example battle with me! I was a bit surprised there were some game crashes on fleet creation menu but at last we played it only with several ships. We could choose for about 30 ships for a side but... it would take too long It catch our eye and everyone convention participants and streaming channel visitors were excited about the game but unfortunately the game and the presentation have got some lacks.

First of all the game is only for two players on single computer, so there is no AI, no multiplayer (which is planned after Random suggestions!) and no fog of war. Also Don focused on presenting each unit with it short description and capabilities which was a way too long and boring but thanks to it everyone known what the game have, so maybe it wasn't so bad? Also there was lack of some gfx and animations, but remember it was made under pressure of Convention so we also to look it differently.

5. Fanotherpg – m. collar's Sensou

Sensou is not a game, it's a dream from heaven... It would try to improve new genre created by Warcraft III (More RTS like) and Spellforce (more RPG like) and be first fully Action Strategic Role Playing Game! What is more, that thing is made in MMF2 and works without HWA, and everything thanks to m.collar's coding.

In the game we will become a prince and maybe he should tell you something about it's plot: Welcome traveller in the Land of Dragons. Who am I? I am it's prince, lawful successor of the throne, who have been betrayed by his own father. He sent me with my loyal people on sure death, and now I try to recover what belongs to me from the law of my ancestors. But to do that I have to fight not only with traitors who are supporting the king and rebels, but what is worst hearings are reaching me that Dark ones are rubbing our Empire. It's interesting is it their prank that my father became a mad man? But now the most important is surviving, each feud, each region, each ready to serve detachment, irrespectively from what race or legend is needed, because each battle is one murderous chaos, and experiences on new day we can get only in them...

Sensou on the big screen!

During game show I was trying to show people all options included into the game and all different effects included but it wasn't going how I wanted so on GDC I corrected it a bit, so wait for videos to check it out! Unfortunately like for now game is very slowed down because main coder and graphic artist m. collar have got too many work at his own but I hope to end my part sometime this year. But we want to end this game because it is really important for us. So look for some information about Sensou progress on TDC!

6. draq & Mr Knife – Mario Wars

Next our 3Dvision (know mostly from their 3D and Video games made in MMF) presented Mario Wars. To be honest it's only draq's game but Mr. Knife helped him a lot with his presentation and they wanted to show it together. And Mario Wars is a online platformer for 2 players using firstly MOO objects and now OINC. It is based on direct connection between two players so you have to use TCP/IP address to Host and Join a game.

All graphics and sounds, except menu are from Mario 2 by Nintendo and all rights of course belongs to them (it's only fangame). So the graphics looks nice and sounds fits them perfectly which is we can say something obvious. And we've got all 4 characteristic good characters from Mario Series: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toadsworth. It's a pity that some recognizable black characters like Wario, Bowser, Koopa Troopa or even Yoshi aren't present. Yes I know they weren't present in that Mario game but... each of the heroes have got different speed and jump height which influence gameplay.

How to make it work?

And they presented like for now two types of gameplay. Death match in which we have to hurt our enemy and watering the flower-pot where we have to water the flower-pot 5 times. In first one we use special powers to hurt our enemies or surprise them, for Mario it's spontaneous ignition and Luigi invisibility. In second mode we have to look for a water source and look for enemy so he won't be faster than us. To do so we can hurt him by our special powers or by throwing in it vegetables etc. The game looked very nice even if it had to work only on one PC. And it was impossible to control both players at one time but I think that they made some impression with it.

7. Fanotherpg – Commercial Click Games

And then I presented something not made by me, one more time. This time it was about Commercial Click Games and some general suggestions. Why I made it? To proof most of our clickers and other game developers that Clickteam software isn't a child toy in which we can only klik something but it's a powerful game making editor in which we can make serious game productions.

As a proof I decided to use Cy-Clone made by Lo-jen studio and promoted by Gamesare some time ago, Forgotten Riddles: The Mayan Princess made by Blue Tea Games (both are available on Big Fish Games) and The Ion Adventures which is currently in beta phase. All of them are very different games, made by different groups of people and for different final groups of people. So I thought that they would be the best choice for this presentation.

First Cy-Clone is a space shooter, easy shmup with awesome graphics and cool concept. Plot is very poor, we are the last hope for men and we have to defeat unstoppable evil out of space, very typical yea of course but... games mechanisms and graphics cause that we just forget about that part. The game works totally with no HWA but we can see huge explosions, multiple layers using parallax scrolling and filled with huge Actives and everything is fast paced space shooter! What is more our space ship is devoid of any kind of weapon. It can only use limited with range beam which makes him the best weapon of all! Because it takes control over enemy ships and modifies them giving new capabilities and when we choose, we can leave it and take other one! It is really impressive but unfortunately like most of projects it looked much, much better on PC than the projector version...

The second one was a short presentation of Forgotten Riddles: The Mayan Princess which is a hidden object game. So it's a casual game for everyone who know English pretty well, because without it, it would be almost impossible to play it. I mentioned that they worked also on other games of this type Forgotten Riddles: The Moonlight Sonatas and lastly Enlightenus which have some innovative features for this genre. But like we know very well they've also made a wonderful Forgotten Lands: First Colony. So they production can be classified as High Quality even if they are casuals.

The last one was the long awaited The Ion Adventures. This one is very cute and good-like platform game which is designed mostly for young players and children. Unfortunately because it was an early beta (R2 when we've got currently R13/14 with hundreds of bugs, graphic issues and suggestions reported) so it was a very boring one – I didn't have any save game then, and intro was a bit long... Yes the game wasn't accepted well because of it's cuteness but despite of that fact it was impressive how it works with so huge actives, graphical effects and other stuff also with no Hardware Acceleration! So if you want to get know more about this project check the TIA project page on TDC, from what I remember there is official intro in one of latest news.

So at the end I could say only two things. Firstly stop thinking that Multimedia Fusion is only a child tool. Secondly make your games better and better and start to sell them if they are good enough.

8. pikor & Fanotherpg – Two Climou Games

As the last one pikor decided to present two of his games - Diamondman and Rawtank. Pikor makes games under sign of Climou and can be recognized by you thanks to his almost 3 in one row GOTW walk (#308, #310, #311 where #309 was also Polish one). But unfortunately because of his problems with language again I had to speak for someone, and again I wasn't prepared for it (and believe me improvisation for a not native English speaker is hard, especially in stress). And the game were with no sound and music (look Chapter three for answer on this one).

So the first one Diamondman is a retro platform game in which we have to restore kings treasure. But this task won't be easy one because we can choose different levels in the game and end it each time in different way. And what is more there is a lot of secrets: invisible areas, special treasures which appears only when we collect all items of one kind etc. Also there are some hidden levels so in total we've got more than 60 levels and much more minutes of fine gameplay!

Everyone focused on the presentations!

Second one Rawtank is a retro puzzle-arcade game. We are the commander of a little tank and thanks to different Engineer zones we can turn our turret or upgrade our vehicle for example into Amphibia! The game itself is very hard and pikor couldn't end the easiest level of the easy difficulty, so I just don't want to know what the hell is on the hard mode...

9. Fanotherpg – Closing Convention

At the end I give thanks to everyone who came to the convention and all online attenders. We've got almost 150 visitors from all over the world. Some clickers even from USA and Australia watched us even that they've got over 8 hour difference! And we all go for the supper and return back to the press room for interview session in about one hour.

Like always smiled Francois

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