Chapter Three: Let's start the Click Party! - 25th of July 2009

Our guests eat breakfast about 9 am in the Hotel restaurant and we were sleeping at that time. But about 10 everyone where ready and steady so we decided to go shopping. It was one of Random's main points of the convention, in which also Popcorn decided to take a part So we go to the city centre to buy some clothes. pikor and Don went to check metro for Sunday (because we had to went to the conference room where presentations were held) and I with rest decided to go shopping. Firstly we go to H&M were they bought some socks and shirt, but more t-shirts and trousers were bought in C&A. Random and Popcorn were really happy that everything is there so cheap (the relation between Zloty and Euro is something like 4:1 and we've been at about 30-50 % sale...). And just after we ended our shopping guys come back and we decided to go to shopping centre near Railway Station because we had only one hour until Mr Knife and draq come.

At Golden Terraces (it's name of that gallery/shopping centre - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z%C5%82ote_Tarasy) pikor proposed to try delicious traditional Polish chocolate made by Wedel and everyone agreed, so we go to proper place, during our way going next to the multimedia shop were we decided to go later. When everyone were tasting their 'drinks' I went with pikor for Mr Knife. There was no problem with getting in touch with him so just after they end them we were back with one Clicker more Because no one wanted anything more we pay for ourselves and went to Empik (that media store) where they were looking at games which for their surprise were mostly translated to Polish (for us it's normal.. that we have even movies in Polish and not in original language...)! Meanwhile I went with pikor to look for the leather shop because Random was also thinking about buying some coat for himself. We found one, in more then 95% for women but yeap there was a coat, ou even two! So we all go there Random checked out them and wanted to buy one but even for him it was a bit expensive (yea it was much cheaper than in Netherlands, but it sill was about 250 Euro...). So we decided to contact with them later (we forget about it ) and go at the railway station for draq.

We've got a little problem with picking up draq, he misinformed us in which train he will arrive and we were checking not the proper one. But luck was for our side and he just arrived in the second one! So when all convention participants were at place we decided to come back to the hotel. Were we could leave our things rest for a while before we go for sightseeing. Pikor moved to his girlfriend place, I went to the Random and Popcorn room, and draq with Mr Knife stayed in our 'Polish' room. So we take some rest and all taken place in not English room and chat a while. Unfortunately draq and Mr Knife didn't want to go with us, they were saying that they are too tired after travelling, what they occupied with high costs (when we were on city they went to some places and lost backpack with few CDs with all 3D in kliks examples, palmptop, MP3 and few hundred Zloty's...). But we weren't aware of that fact until late evening...

All clickers in one room!

From the left: Don Sotto, Draq and Mr Knife

What's more rest of us went again near the old town to eat diner at some dairy bar (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dairy_bar ) for typical Polish food for which we won't pay too much and again our guests were shocked how cheap it was to get a hot full meal in Poland. What is more there were nicely surprised how good it was. So after hour we went to the American book store too look for some Jason Darby books, but we didn't find any. But it was a nice idea to go there, Random could buy himself few books and Popcorn noticed at one of the postcards very lovely place and he asked if we could go there. I looked at it and it was Palace on the Water from Royal Baths Park (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Baths_Park ) and I said that's not a problem so we went there.

Walking for a dinner!

It was a very long walk and when we entered the park we decided to rest as soon as possible so we settled 'near' the Chopin's monument and watched for several minutes some kind of performance. And when we rested walked toward the Place on the Water were we noticed some peacocks (we had to thought a while how it is called in English, ah that lack of native English speaker). What is more during the walk and seeing some water waves and sun rays we thought that it was some Hardware Acceleration pixel shader stuff and that World PC have got to low memory because we saw always only one peacock but it was changing male, female, male, female etc. and other things also were very too perfect. So we go further toward Roman Theatre when we took some photos and stayed at it cafeteria when we took only some drinks and shakes, go to toilets and back to the hotel by bus, because we were to exhausted to go back by foot (yea sorry for that guys but I and pikor just love walking).

Restoring energy on the bench

In the background Palace at the Water

Discussing about Peacock invansion... HIDE!

Group photo in the Roman Theatre

At hotel again we were just chatting, sitting at front of our laptops, resting etc. You know we were relaxing, checking emails, some community sites, playing games and so on, what the hell clickers different could do? In the evening Francois proposed that we should eat supper in hotel restaurant. I disagreed on that, because all the time I almost didn't eat anything with them but I've got a good reason. But we went to the Restaurant everyone, again except me, take something to drink and eat they mostly talked about me but also about pikor and his games, because he is deaf person, he wanted to know what they think about his games (made us Climou team) which are without sounds and music. Everyone agreed that he should trust some good musician. When we got back to our rooms Knife noticed that he doesn't have is backpack (about what I mentioned earlier) and we didn't find it, what a pity So we went sleep being not in the good mood, but one thinking making us still thinking positive next day Sunday, was a main day of convention.

Chapter Four: Click Convention 2009! - 26th of July 2009

Some of us (especially pikor) overslept a bit so just after eating something in the morning we were just waiting for pikor, because place of our convention is his place of work so without him we couldn't enter it. When he arrived we moved out to the Press Room of Methodical Centre of Psychological-Pedagogical Help and configure everything. After setting everything online, and checking that everything is working we started the Click Convention being late for about half an hour but people were very patient and we hoped that everyone will have a good time. I just want to inform you that more precise information you will find on the HD videos which will be released soon on Games Factory You Tube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/fabrykagiercom and some Interview questions are exclusives for October Klikdisc and 15 Klikcast.

1. Fanotherpg Short Introduction
2. Francois Clickteam presentations
3. Fanotherpg & Dr. Nitrous Japanese Click Games
4. Don Sotto Shipyard
5. Fanotherpg m. collar's Sensou
6. draq & Mr Knife Mario Wars
7. Fanotherpg Commercial Click Games
8. pikor & Fanotherpg Two Climou Games
9. Fanotherpg Closing Convention
10. Dinner break
11. Francois & Fanotherpg Questions and Answers session

1. Fanotherpg Short Introduction

So after mine short introduction, when I welcomed everyone and saw that new people were joining our channel I apologized for our late and I give the voice to Francois and the presentations started!

2. Francois Clickteam presentations

So Francois welcomed everyone and started introduction of different Runtimes and other stuff on which he was working together with Yves. Firstly he showed the ultimate Flash Runtime with implemented Mochiads. Unfortunately because we had only one Internet access he couldn't show it practically so he told us in theory how the system works and how we can easily make money from it. It was really awesome to see that adding this add system is only few clicks, but unfortunately we also get know later on that like for now Clickteam doesn't want to add support of other Flash Add systems (like mentioned on TDC New Grounds Add System). I personally hope that it will change in future because it won't be good if one corporation have a monopoly for Click games adds, even if it's so good and honest like Mochi. But like for the first version of runtime I think that Mochi is one of the best choices!

After that he showed us two new build of MMF2. As first he presented a Japanese language version and we where impressed how all their letters feet into the entire software! It was really, really funny to look at it and we wish CT the best on Eastern Asian market! I also hope that Unicode version of software will be available soon. As second he show us BD Fusion with is made for Sonic Solutions and is engine for Blu-ray platform. He showed us the HD resolutions, new powerful extensions which maybe will be recoded for standard MMF, and some examples of it on runtime. Unfortunately it showed only Black screen because projector couldn't show it and... we noticed too late. So with menu presentation I decided to take off the projector so Francois could turn back his laptop and show our online attenders what he was presenting. So it won't be covered even on HD videos but believe me everything worked!

At the end he showed in Netbeans how to program extensions in JAVA. From what I think only Random and Mr Knife knew what he was talking about because they are programming (I was doing it several years ago so it was a bit refreshing). And that's all!

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