In this article I will show you how to make a good plot for your action or adventure game.

There are three thing that you need to make a great plot.

1- Characters
2- Idea of what the game is going to be
3- Plan ahead

Lets talk about the first thing. Characters. In every game there is atleast one character. In action zombie games is is usually a girl for the signs of weakness and the good looks.

When amking a character you need to give them some sort of thing that they have that nobody else does. Like strengts or smarts, or dumbs. And one more thing on the charter side to making a great plot. You must always be ready to kill of one of the characters. This will keep the audience awake and on the edge of there seats.

Now you need to decide what kind of game it will be. A shooter? terrorist? action? or some sort of zombie game? No matter what you want you can find a unique plot to add to the world of plots.

You also need and Idea of where the game is going. If you want a sequil then make the person excape or get what or where they want to be or have, and then make it so that there is just one more of those thing there. LIke an enemy or a animal that is waiting. This is a great way to leave a game open for a second, third, or forth, not fifth.

Finally you need to plan ahead. efore you start the Plot you must right the plot, be the plot, taste the plot. It always helps to right out the whole story ahead of time then to just pull crap out of your ass. You need direction an that is what this will give you.

After all fo this is done then the game name will just roll into your hands. Like, use the plot to help find the name of the game. Like in my game "daybreak" you need to excape the zombies before daybreak or else the plane will leave and you will most likley die.

Lastly you must always be ready to change the plot to anything at anytime. Because if you need to have it change and the plot will not let you do that then you will most likley end up not finishing the game.