This articleís purpose is to try and convert the MMF nay-sayers whoís argument is that MMFís interface sucks compared to TGF. Agreed, itís not as simple, but it sure as hell is much more powerful, and I believe it is totally useable.

So, Iíve been doing some comparing. Admittedly itís a bit one-sided, but I hate seeing people disregarding MMF purely because of the interface. I've tried to embed the images but it didn't work, so please click the link to see what I'm talking about. TGF is on the left and MMF on the right, if you hadnít guessed.

The Storyboard Editor

OK, here we have each Storyboard Editor. This is traditionally the easiest thing to use in Klick and you can see that very little has changed. You can see the project explorer here in all its glory, as the annotation says, this makes editing level properties easier on the fly. In subsequent pictures Iíve dragged it away so itís barely visible and frees up space.

The Level Editor

Again, nice and easy. Still, not much has changed save the addition of many more buttons (all useful), and thereís still plenty of space to see the level editor (bare in mind that these are only half the horizontal width of the screen because I had to tile them). There are many more options to chose from when you right click and object as well.

The Picture Editor

Oh God, here we go. This is the single most hated thing of MMF. But I like it; I think itís much more powerful and functional. For a start you have lots more options to choose from, even if it does clutter the screen a little. All you need is a bit of practise and youíll wonder how you coped with TGF before.

The Animation Editor

Again, more complicated than TGF (perhaps a bit too complicated, I have to admit) but youíll soon get the hang of it when you find where all the old options have ended up.

The Event Editor

So similar I didnít even bother taking a screenie. Youíll see some new filtering options on the left to help you find the events you want. You can also zoom in and out, see where the events are as you scroll (they disappear in TGF) and change the size of the grid so you can see more at once.

And rememberÖ

Unlike TGF, you can totally customize the MMF interface via the options menu. My set up is quite true to the default, but Iíve added a couple of things to make them easier to find.

There you go; I hope Iíve persuaded at least one person that MMFís interface is just as nice and easy as TGFís. Please remember though, that like any new software, MMF takes a bit of getting used to. But trust me, if youíre wavering over buying MMF because of the interface, it is very easy to get used to.