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Project: Captain Sugar and the Tea Caddies of Justice
Project Started: 27th September, 2010 Last Update: 22nd July, 2013
Project Owner: Rich Datson Project Members:
Project Type: Mid 90s Platform Game Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Your Tea Caddies have been kidnapped and you as Captain Sugar have to rescue them all.

The style is based on games like "Wonderboy III the Dragon's Trap" but also with a kind of Amiga feel.

You collect treats to power up your sugar crystals that you shoot.

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Added Boss and Bonus Stage
Posted 22nd Jul 13, by Rich Datson Post A Comment



Another update on Captain Sugar -

I have had a bit of time to work on an old hobby Captain Sugar.

I have added a Speed Boat Bonus level where you have to collect as many treats as possible.

Plus have added a Boss, where he tricks you into finding a magic coffee bean which turns him into an evil head.
He shoots the floor from under you and you have to fight him in his "dungeon"

I plan to release a playable version shortly which should have around 6 playable levels.

For the mean time I have created a Faacebook page on the link below
New Screen Shots of New Worlds 09/12/11
Posted 9th Dec 11, by Rich Datson Post A Comment

Recently had a chance over the last month to work a bit more on my game.

I've worked out my level structure where you start at your base and return after each level.

You unlock new rooms from power ups you acquire which in turn leads to new levels + mini games.

There will be also a bit more of an NPC village where there will be a few little side tasks.

Another feature I plan to add is a candy collection tank where after each level the candy you've collected gets filled into a tank.
The higher it is filled the more rewards you gain.

I've also added quite a few more monsters that are getting smarter.

Thanks for viewing



3 Level Demo Version
Posted 18th Mar 11, by Rich Datson 2 Comments




Here is a little demo version to get an idea of what the game will look like when complete.

So far there is 3 playable levels, about 15 different types of monsters and some weapons to mess round with.

The title screen is just a quick make shift one for the mean time.


To play it download here:



So far I know of two major ones which I'm still fixing but do let me know what you find.

If you can't duck for some reason just press V on your keyboard to fix the problem.

Also would like to know if the game is too hard or easy...

Engine Completed Now to make more levels 01/12/10
Posted 1st Dec 10, by Rich Datson 4 Comments
All the basics and fiddly bits are done!
So far two full levels have been created.

Still working on the first level which is a village where you get basic info from NPCs.

Also got a friend who is an awesome Melbourne artist to help with my title screen.

Plus added a lot more monsters, bouncing spiders, dorky birds, little rats that spring out from trap doors and nerdy bees.

Check out some of the latest screenies

P.S new playable less buggy version will be ready soon





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