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Review: Bounce the Raccoon
Author: Yai7
Added: 13/12/2018 20:36:50

This game is a masterpiece that passes even Sonic the Hedgehog itself! If this was a megadrive game, you could make the system last for decades! The author made such an insane job making such a product work and be enjoyable and clean looking at the same time! A 90's could be so different if this was a Megadrive game and a master system could be good as well!

The game-play is absolutely fun and enjoyable, it runs smooth and slick and just controls natural and feels so well on the tips of your hands, just slides automatic on my fingers! This is amazing, how could someone do that? Service games should ask them mystery!

As the game owns a very humble and descent looking graphics, so slick, petty-niceness and good looking old style art book look that is very impressive to have when engaging a multimedia fusion game! It is outstanding, and you know, I use to be a heavy pornographic industrialised websites consumer so I must tell you, and I am totally serious, This was an eye cleaning experience! Suddenly I've seen a better world someone could have and a hope is a spark in my dead gloomy soul after all these years I was spending on bad websites without even realising a reality could be yet so decent but also satisfying! Humility is back at it's all scoring met!

For the music, it has the standard chiptunes and sound effects, these are very simple and cheap to make but fits the game well, as also, though it is a weaker part, it enhance the presentation of the entire result! Good job on that!

The game would be a fun material to relax after seeing our world shutting down by wars, industrial companies and banks, it would clean your eye from it's filth so I will recommend it to these who want to experience an electronic nature and have fun with smooth goodly controls!

Sega has wasted my nineties with a gritty blue and green landscapes when I was a child and I was hoping a dream will come true and I will experience a good product such as this instead! You made my compassion come true! Thank you so dire much!!!

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