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Review: Peetoo's Revenge
Author: Yai7
Added: 22/03/2010

As far as I remember, the overall game is smooth action paced platform, where Peetoo must save the world again from his evil brother, who found a termination device in his box of cereals.

The whole idea just fits the game amazingly.

Gameplay as far as I practiced it, seemed very difficult. The caracter can shoot similar to the way megaman's early games had. It has several hit points, but easily you can be tackeled and be defeated. The frustration rate is definatly there to be paid off, unlike the un-organised and unfair gameplay that the first peetoo offered. The game include all the classic go-round tricks such as the donkey kong style barrels at stage 2.

Graphics seems very simple, but whow! They are proffesionally blend and well made! The intro seems to be cut off from a nintendo like presentation of a game, which favor the game wonderfuly.

Sound is basically your average collection of blips and bloops and stuff from a nintendo game, seemed to be ripped directly from megaman and co. Music is very cartoony as I remember it. He did rip the life lost tune from duck-tales, make you feel dorky when you fail.

It seems short, not many levels as it seems, but the difficulty may end it last longer.

A big suprise over the first one... I asked myself how could a person do such a major improvement trough the years. All goes awesomely right and well. And having the whole enviroment and feel of a classic nintendo game! Exellent work!

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