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Review: BeaverBoy and the Lost Kilt 2
Author: Stephen [NeonairGames]
Added: 21/01/2005

Finally after the some people were so kindly enough to tell me to pee on a skull, I have been this game! Beaver Booy and the Lost Kilt is about a beaver named Beaver Boy who looks like Daggit from The Angry Beavers. He must go through several levels with many challenges to ultimately get to Cabbage Castle where Fatseb has hidden Beaver Boy's kilt.

.:: Presentation ::.

The game starts out with a well-made title screen which includes a save/load feature. Right after starting a new game, you'll be forced to watch a rather good intro sequence. Pretty cool so far. The level selection is well presented as well. I give it 8/10. Very good.

.:: Gameplay ::.

BB2 is a platformer and adventure game tied into one. You explore the levels trying to find all the flowers so you can gain access to the next level. You also gain many eccentric weapons as you progress through the game including: the ability to pee(yes folks, the ability to pee), dynamite, bow and arrow, spring shoes, and camouflage(not sure if I spelled it right). To get the flowers hidden in the levels, you'll encounter other characters that will ask you to do tasks for them. In return, they'll give you the flowers a beaver hippy needs to get to the top of the mountain. 6/10. Pretty good, although many parts don't give a player a clue of what to do. (Who would've thought of peeing on a skull sprite that looks like normal scenery anyways?)

.:: Graphics ::.

Half the game is made up of decent original graphics. Some character sprites even have photographs of people's heads on them. I found this to be a great element of the game(except when a bunch of heads are attacking you and you don't know that you can kill them with your scratch attack). Most of the graphics are ripped from recognizable Nintendo games, but in this case, a lot of the graphics worked rather well. 6/10. Avarage.

.:: Sound and Music ::.

The music was selected well, but I don't know about the sound. Windows XP hates TGF's sound system and I had to turn the sounds off while I played or face terrible XP vs. TGF laggy repeating soundiness. 7/20. Fairly good.

.:: Lastability ::.

If you exit a level and didn't collect all the flowers, you'd have to go back and get all of them all over again in that level. That becomes kind of frustrating. Also, some parts don't give a clue on what you're supposed to do(e.g. peeing on a skull). Also, the creator wouldn't answer questions about the game here. Nope, you'd have to go through the trouble to sign up onto his message board which you'll post the question there and once it's answered and you beat the game, you never come back to the boards again. I'd give lastability 5/10. The game is fun, but won't give you a clue about peeing on a skull.

Overall, this game was pretty fun once I found out I could kill floating heads and pee on a skull(have I said this too many times yet?). The graphics, gameplay, and very random storyline mix very very well together to make this game a fun experience. Overall, I thought it was a decent game.

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