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Project: Twisted Tower - Chapter 1
Project Started: 19th December, 2010 Last Update: 5th March, 2017
Project Owner: HitmanN Project Members:
Project Type: Dungeon Crawler Platformer Project Progress:

No longer in development
Posted 5th Mar 17, by HitmanN  
Hi all.

Considering that it's been almost three years from last update, I'm sure you can guess what happened. Or rather, that nothing has happened. The game is still in the same state as over two years ago, and I currently have no plans to continue further.

This doesn't mean that Twisted Tower is completely abandoned though. I keep having this desire to start over, focus on quality over quantity, go higher resolution, more detailed animations, more refined and bit more streamlined gameplay, etc. I just currently don't have the time and energy for game development. But some day in future... I'd like to try again.

If you haven't played Twisted Tower yet, the last public build should still be available in the Downloads section. It's around 3-5 hours of gameplay (depending on playstyle and platformer experience), most of the dungeon crawling features are in, but there's very little story, no quests, and the final boss is missing, the boss room door leading back to floor 1 of the dungeon. There's some replay value too, since dungeon floors are randomly generated, weapons and armor are random drops with random stats, and there are 6 talents to unlock, of which you can only unlock 2 each playthrough. Feedback is still very much welcome. I can use every bit for the remake I can hopefully do some day.

Thanks for following the development and I hope Twisted Tower in its current state has brought you some enjoyment.

Posted by UrbanMonk 5th March, 2017

Well that's a shame, it was such a cool project too.

Good luck with your future endeavors.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 8th March, 2017

Second it!
It was a great game. I hope you will find the place in life to do a remake some day!
Posted by Asholay 4th July, 2017

Keep us updated with everything else you're up to! I enjoyed working on HH with you
Posted by alastair john jack 11th October, 2017

Sad to hear, oh well, I'll have a look at the build.


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