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Slow-Motion Riot


12th August, 2013 at 12/08/2013 01:21:47 -

From Liam:
As a creative individual, I should create what I really want to. But I do find myself taking Anita's complaints into consideration.

At the beginning of each of her videos, Sarkeesian states that although it's totally fine to enjoy a game (or other piece of media) for what it is and the entertainment/other use we draw from it, we should also critically examine the game as part of the media landscape at large. So I think consideration of Sarkeesian's viewpoint is a great start, Liam.

No game exists in a vacuum. It's not just a piece of digital media, considered apart from everything else going on in the world. It either supports, refutes, or reinforces ideas and concepts we all deal with in the real world, however distant we may be from it as we play.

We're all creative types here, so I hope we all consider different viewpoints and perspectives as we create our various projects: games or otherwise.


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